Privacy Policy for Car Buyer For Cash NJ

Car Buyer For Cash NJ uses website visitor and customer information to make our services better every day. We’ve put together this page to inform you about the improvements we make and how we use data.

For questions or clarifications, please contact us directly.


Car Buyer For Cash NJ collects different information when you place an order, register an account, interact with a service, or read the content that’s on our pages. Data varies by each action, but some of the data collected can include:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Phone number 
  • Billing and/or mailing address 
  • Social media accounts 
  • Other contact information 
  • Account preferences  

This information is often provided directly by you when you sign up for a newsletter, email campaign, coupon, or fill out a form. Generic data, such as a location or browsing habits on our site, is collected via cookies. We only see limited data from cookies and disabling them will prevent us from collecting some data from you, but may also change how services, advertisements, and account logins work.


The main goal behind collecting customer details is to improve the services we offer. We listen to what you tell us and prefer to make business decisions based on what our customers like.

Some changes we may make based on data include:

  • Personalizing your experience
  • Delivering content that you’ve expressed an interest in 
  • Adjusting product offerings and prices to meet customer demand 
  • Increasing the speed of the ordering and checkout process 
  • Providing updates to customers about products they’ve purchased, services they’ve used, or those they may enjoy  

The data we collect stays with us unless you specifically state otherwise. You must always opt-in for us to share information with our small partner network. You can change this preference at any time by adjusting your account settings or contacting us directly and toll-free at (908) 386-4087.

Car Buyer For Cash NJ employs a variety of methods to keep your data safe such as SSL connections, restrictions on employee access to data, the use of smart servers, and other common safety practices.


Car Buyer For Cash NJ’s Privacy Policy is subject to change without notification. We aim to notify everyone of changes but may not always contact users directly if a change is made. We suggest you review this page often to ensure you are properly informed and agree to these terms.

By using our site and services you are agreeing to this privacy policy in its current form.